Dragon Ball : Zenkai Battle Royale PC Download (Emulator + Game)

Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royale is the first Tenkaichi based game that enables characters to fight on foot as well as in the air. Zenkai Battle Royale also marks a milestone as it is the first commercial 3D title to use GGPO netcode.

We`ve received a lot of messages from you guys wondering if we can find a way to play Dragon Ball : Zenkai Battle Royale on PC.
The answer is : Yes ! The crew worked hard for about 90 days to port the game on PC and below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to download and play Dragon Ball : Zenkai Battle Royale on your computer !


1.Download our emulator DragonDev 1.03

2.Unrar the archive

3.Download Dragon Ball : Zenkai Battle Royale(iso image)


4.Copy the iso image in the  roms folder

5.Run DragonDev 1.03.exe

6.Enjoy the game !!! 



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